I'm standing there ! by Mista G ... (Music Video)

I'm standing There, which is interpreted on a dancehall-hip hop riddim released & registered by Fresh Blunt Production & studio, a production signed Doc'Jazz, mixes some gwoka to reveal the multiculturality of the singer, but also reveals the unsayable, shows the unseeable and deals with the undealable for Mista G... stands as one who sings for the people, one who acts for the people, one who just stands for the people through I'm standing There but also through his blaze Mista I'm Standing There which is thus a portrait of a resilient man, strong & brave, standing for one two or many, for all these people put apart, destructed, hidden and misunderstood, but still resisting, still going ahead and still surviving or living in some world although the breaks, limits and dangers then describes the long route, the long walk, symbol of a personal walk, of a personal choice & personal motivation to climb the mountain to catch the light, reveal a strength & be free. I'm standing There, interpreted by Mista G..., then dives you into one's intimacy, the depth of a soul, announcing an (r)evolution which is coming up, "snatching out from darkness", after being ignored, shut, hidden to reach the light of complete respect & consideration. This music video is then an ovation to all the Ancients, Resistants, Survivors, Sufferers & Freedom Fighters for I'm Standing There declaims the pride&honor the 1st Nations, Amerindians, Africans, Caribbean deserve, a step forward: RESPECT! Trench Mental Art Production Team (Andy W, Lacytsi, CG, DMC & MG) sincerely thanks all the contributors for this work! Audio Credits: - Dr Jazz :: FreshBlunt Production // DR Jazz beatmaker for the soundrack (riddim) https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Jazz.Officiel - FreshBlunt Production // Doc'Jazz for the recording & mastering of voices. (studio) Video Credits : - Trench Mental Art Production Team (Andy W, Lacytsi, CG, DMC & MG) for the music video realization, screenplay, mastering, setting & distribution + visual effects. Trench Mental Art Production Team & the Artist thank you for your collaboration which contributed to this great job. Subtitles Available ! All comments are welcomed to support the artist & Trench Mental Art Prod Team! Don't Wait a minute more & discover I'm standing there ! A 2nd artistic view of Mista G' music universe & the antithesis of Who Da ? his 1st video available in our Production Playlist Don't forget to like, unlike, share & comment to give us support! Visit us on : https://trenchmentalart.com/production/


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