W.O.M (Women Over Men)-Mista G ft. Sista T (Official video)

Trench Mental Art Produksyon is proud to present this NEW dancehall entitled W.O.M (Women Over Men) which reverses all codes, all norms & all rules to give back honor & pride To Women. Interpreted by Mista G... ft. Sista who now say "no more", twerk strike begins then be ready for W.O.M, a title which distorts & reforms the norms before to become your NEW serum! Like it, Share it or Comment it but enjoy listening & watching this NEW song, the new tendency about to become the reference ! Trench Mental Art team thanks the artists (Mista G... ft. Sista T), all the contributors(Wayann dco & Chouite en Bouche), collaborators ( Trench Mental Art & Trench Mental Art Organization) & participants (Misty, Alian, Jaeden, James, Yan, Ludo, the waiter & poolman) for this awesome piece of art! Audio Credits: -W.O.M riddim-Trench Mental Art Produksyon-beatmaker:Mista G... -recordings: Lopital studio, Cayenne Video credits: -realisator: Andy W. -co-realisotor & screenplay: Lacytsi -cameramen: KG & MG Contributors: -clothing: Trench Mental Art brand -accessories: Trench Mental Art Organization -dcors : Wayann dco & Lacytsi -location: Chouite en Bouche, Matoury city (Guyane) Title available soon on every plateforms & on Mista G album,M********Y, to win at its release!


Mista G

An eclectic singer & a strong voice with a fantastic universe !

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